Family Law

Going through a divorce is not an easy process, but it helps to have a knowledgeable attorney in your corner. I felt extremely confident and well taken care of while Deborah worked diligently on my case. She always kept my best interests in mind when going forward with the process. My emails and phone calls to inquire about specific issues were answered with promptness and care. When the entire ordeal was completed, I was very happy with the outcome and knew that Deborah had gone above and beyond to make that happen.

Deborah Wilhelmus is a no nonsense, professional and assertive attorney who gets the job done right the first time. But she is also a warm and caring person who puts her client’s personal interests at the forefront of her interactions and law practice. She is available, tenacious and knowledgeable about all aspects of family law. I would gladly recommend Deborah to anyone in my professional or personal network.
Deborah has been the best attorney I could have ever hoped for! I have been divorced from my ex for 10 years. We had two kids together. When we divorced I gave him everything because he scared me and I just wanted to take the “easy way ” out. If I knew Deborah back than, I would have done things differently. Even through several really tough times when he was harrassing or serving me with paperwork to counter mine…. all I had to do was e-mail her and surprising enough, she responded right away!!! Once even on a holiday weekend. This meant so much to me that she was right there when I needed her outside of the “typical” 9-5 Lawyers.

You see, My ex is extremely intimidating and a bully. Over last 4 years I have had consults with several attorneys ( 5 to be exact) but I knew after each consult that none of them were able nor strong minded enough to deal with my ex so I just kept dealing with all the games and intimidation from him regarding our kids. Was always too scared to take him to court because was afraid of him due to his temper and irrationality.

One day it was out of my control and I needed to find attorney to deal with him regarding my 15 year old daughter ( our other daughter over 18 at this point). I was extremely nervous to meet Deborah due to my past consults with other attorneys. Also due to the thought that I have to face my ex in court for first time ever( remember I gave him everything in divorce to avoid just that) By the time I walked out of her office that first visit I knew I finally found the one!! She is strong minded and never intimated. My ex tried MANY times to bully her and intimidate her but in the end, he for once was the was being intimidated! I was in awe of her compassion and her dedication. NEVER would i have thought I would find such a awesome attorney that I found in her. I have referred several people to her. If anyone reading this is looking for a great attorney who is not only the best at what she does BUT also caring for their client than please look no further! Take it from someone who was a basket case when i met her due to fear but who came out winning!!!! Only because of her! She knocked it out of ballpark in court and I will always be grateful for her :-))

A few years ago I was separated and trying to handle my divorce on my own.  We were in mutual debt and had custody issues to workout.  My ex promised a quick, non contested divorce, but kept putting off filing.  I sought advice from a friend that is an attorney and she gave me Deborah Wilhelmus’s name.  Best decision I could have made.  Deborah gave me great advice, keep the process moving even when my ex stalled the process and even served some of the paperwork herself.  She helped make this process as pain free as possible, went out of her way to work with my hours and did all of this at a very reasonable price.  I recommend Deborah to anyone that is in need of an honest, trustworthy attorney that will fight for your rights

Limited Conservatorships
It was a difficult decision to request conservatorship of our beautiful 18 yr old Autistic daughter.  She had come so far and yet still needed guidance and protection in what life may bring our lovely girl as she enters adulthood.  It was a scary thought.  Debbie answered all our questions in a clear and timely manner and eased much of my apprehension in regards to conservatorship.  The whole process went smoothly and was made much easier and less “scary” by Debbie’s wealth of knowledge in regards to legal issues and these very special people…not only for me but my precious daughter as well.   I thank her from the bottom of my heart!
We first met Deborah when we sought legal assistance to set up a conservatorship for our developmentally disabled son. As with many of the big decisions we have made over the years regarding our son, there were a lot of fears, emotions and concerns wrapped up in our need for her services. Deborah validated every one of them and inspired confidence with her thorough and patient explanations. We appreciated her down-to-earth personality and take-charge attitude. Deborah made us feel at ease through all the phases of the conservatorship process: from the initial consultation to the final day when she accompanied us to the courthouse.

Deborah is very skilled, knowledgeable and competent in her line of work; we put our trust in her and she did not disappoint. Her expert guidance was worth far more than she charged. We have enthusiastically recommended her to other parents and will continue to do so in the future.

Linda and I would like to thank you for making the conservatorship process for our boys so much easier. Conserving our two boys was something we procrastinated on for years because we wrongly believed the process would be difficult, terribly time-consuming and overwhelming. Not that there wasn’t a large amount of said paperwork, but this is where you stepped in and made it seem so easy.

Your knowledge and personal experience with the system’s “ins and outs”, tips on how to handle the court appointed lawyers, and your handling of 99% of the paper work is what made this cumbersome process virtually pain free.